We do all types of site work. We specialize in house pads, commercial building pads, roads and driveways.
We also build ponds and lakes.
Our operators have over 50 years of combined experience,so let us put our experience to work for you!

We also haul and deliver all types of material for driveways ( slag, limestone, gravel, crushed concrete etc.)

Armstrong Construction currently running 3 dirt work crews and an additional crew for clearing and prepping jobs for dirt work! We can handle your job as well! Call us or Contact Us today for your needs!


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Residential House Pads

Commercial Building Pads




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Residential and Commercial Pads

That’s why we make high-quality building pads, as they are not something that can be fixed once the construction is underway. We take great care in shifting dirt to the building site, performing a preliminary rough grading, checking for the correct density of the material, and then flattening and leveling it. Finally, we do a final grading and smooth everything one last time. Then it’s time for construction to begin and for the building to take shape.

Roads and Driveways

Driveways often get overlooked when homeowners embark on increasing the curb appeal of their house. A beautiful flower garden and fresh exterior paint certainly can do wonders, but it can’t hide an ugly, faded, cracked and gravelly driveway sticking out like a sore thumb. A driveway takes up a lot of space on your property, so if you want curb appeal, you’ll want an attractive driveway and if you have a brand-new home that needs to have its first driveway installed, you want to make sure to get a high-quality Armstrong Construction driveway that will still look beautiful in the years to come.

Despite the large equipment we often use, we can do very precise work and maneuver in smaller areas. Sure, you want a space cleared and flattened for a driveway, but only for a driveway—not your entire front yard! Our professional crews are courteous and can work within smaller areas. We can clear vegetation or brush from the site, flatten, level and grade the path for the driveway and prepare it for a smooth installation. Getting your driveway done the Armstrong Construction way means you get nothing but the best.


Let Armstrong Construction fashion a brand-new pond for you and give you that quintessential Mississippi view from your kitchen window or how about a pond that serves as a watering hole for your livestock? Or your own personal fishing pond?

Ponds are great because they are so versatile and fun. They can be functional, recreational, a joy to look at or all three at once. We can dig a pond to the dimensions you specify, build dirt up to create a berm, clean silt out of an older pond, repair an older pond, and more.

Shannon Armstrong
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